13 Jan
Is it possible to find how to make Raid Boss coins work in How to coin Master Facebook Friends Game? The aim of this game is to unlock more characters and defeat the villainous bosses. There are two ways you can go about this. One way is to start out by making Raid Boss coins work in a different way, and the other way is to make it work like it did in the original Legend of Zelda game. In How to coin Master Village Game you get an array of icons to use to make coins to unlock more characters. At first this may seem simple, but at first it seems there is a problem with the coins being captured and used when they should be returned to the bank.
To solve this problem you need to make the system register the coins as captured and lost. This can be done by placing the point counter where you want the coins to be collected, then placing the check mark that says they are captured and hidden to keep them from being caught. If the coins are put back into the bank and counted, you will see they were all captured and kept. Now you need to find a way to find special coins that will let you build up your force. You will have to think hard to find the right way to do this as they aren't very easy to come by.
The two places you can find them are through getting them through in-game resources and through cheating. There are two ways to cheat on these two resources, either buy them in the game or gain special access to them. It is a little more tricky than that. Now if you can find a way to get them without cheating it will be a nice surprise.