01 Mar
? Raid Coin Master is one of the top most rated games in its category on the app store. This game is created by Amplitude Studios. The game revolves around the thrill of a martial arts journey and it's an online mobile game developed by Core Design Studios. This mobile game offers rich graphics and vibrant animations. It features state of the art technology and lightning-fast action.
In Raid Coin Master, you are the young student fighting to reach a big place where your master awaits you. To move forward and fight, you need to equip yourself with enough weapons and martial arts moves. In the first stages, you will fight five members of the Tigers clan who are guards at the gates of your master. Each stage has its own obstacles, pitfalls and enemies to face. Every obstacle will try to test your strength and skills by setting up a variety of challenges.
You are awarded points for beating each enemy and you get more points when you cross a circle. During the rounds, you will also earn Coins to buy weapons and special moves. When you are not busy, you can use this Coins to buy new weapons and gear. To make things even more interesting, you get the opportunity to fight the local Tigers in your journey. This gives a more challenging approach to your journey, since they will be a lot more difficult than the first stages.
There is a mission to reach the master by defeating the Tiger lord in every step. The world is waiting for you to make your mark on the world of entertainment and gaming.