29 Jul
I'm going to show you how to make Coins playing the latest Facebook game, "Hammers Coin Master." This game was created by a group of four brothers and is currently one of the top games on Facebook. I highly recommend checking it out before I get started, as I've learned a lot of interesting things about the game and plan to show you below. The Brothers Hazler-Vishnu, and two other brothers, play the game daily and have spent countless hours playing it. In this short article I'll be showing you some of the information they share with you when you log into their game.
The "Hammers Coin Master" revolves around three factions fighting for control of the land on a 3D map. Players have a certain number of hammers and have to upgrade their hammers by finding treasure chests or earning hammers by winning battles. After getting enough hammers players have to find a treasure chest and one of the three factions must defeat it. Once all three factions are defeated the land is yours. At first glance this might seem like it's just another boring Facebook game.
But the Brothers have made it incredibly addictive by featuring multiple levels and mysterious hidden parts to add to the exciting and suspenseful gameplay. You can also earn coins by answering questions in the Facebook game, which also creates an interesting tension for players. Because players get coins, I'm not going to share any insider information here about how to coin master win at Viking game. Just keep in mind that this is a "hit" game on Facebook and definitely worth checking out. So keep your eyes open and try to catch the "Hammers Coin Master" game and see how it works.