27 Mar
There are two different ways to use iPhone coin-op games to make Coins: add new account or remove old. With an add new account, you pay once for a membership, and then you use the access code that's attached to it each time you want to use it. With an iPhone coin-op game, you make Coins when you add new people to your account, and when you remove an account. What I like about this system is that it guarantees that you'll always be able to compete against the computer, no matter how many people come and go. And because you can't make Coins from others, it provides an equal playing field for all members, which keeps the games fair and fun.
Here's how to coin master win at Viking Coin Master and get started immediately. First, you need to decide whether you're going to add new accounts, or if you're going to keep the current one. If you've already got an account and want to use it for now, then you should check out the current members and see who has the most winning cards. This will give you a good base of players to build on, and new accounts won't add any players to the mix. You can easily win every time, and if you have to wait for other people to try and win, you won't be frustrated by waiting for so long.
If you want to add new accounts, your first move should be to get some free coins and build up some coins. This will allow you to try out all the new games that are available. It'll also get you started off with coins that won't cost you a cent. I prefer playing games that offer me free tickets to win, as it gives me something to do while I wait for new people to join. So, I recommend using the add new account option.
It will give you a fair shot of winning every time. Next, there are a couple of options to get rid of your accounts. The easiest one is to get a fake email address, or create a completely fake email address to sign up with. I always try to hide my real email address, and I do this by using my home address and putting in the name of my husband or children. This means that after I've created my new email address, I'm not really in danger of losing my old email address.
However, you could end up getting spammed by someone offering you a membership and then giving you a very similar name. You'd be better off, I think, to just delete the old account. Another way to make Coins for new players is to try and give everyone a pair of dice, and give each player a unique number. For example, every player should get a ten, two, four, six, eight, and twelve. They can use these to try and win.
You can make Coins by giving players three dice and two coins and watch how much Coins they manage to make. You can bet the same amount of coins and dice that you did with them. I've found that you can make good Coins with this. Here's a tip: instead of giving them three dice and two coins, you can actually give them three dice and two blank cards. If you change up the way you play, you can make some really good Coins.
Once you have your website up and running, you should be making Coins every day from the games you play. You can make Coins from adding new accounts, removing old ones, and even from bluffing the tables, and you can do it all on an iPhone!