19 Jan
Have you ever wanted to know how to coin the Myriad Diamonds in the Facebook Diamond Game? A master, Leo, is rumored to have lost his fortune due to some unsolved thefts. As a reward for helping the police track down the culprits, he gives each of his followers an amount of diamonds of equal value, with the first group to be successful in claiming all three "myriad" prizes to receive a surprise. You've probably heard of the pyramid game before, and how it was said to be used by the Lord of the Kingdom as the way to control his kingdom. In this case, the games master is apparently using the popularity of the game to control the whole social networking world. This game works by everyone being given diamonds to begin with, but as the pyramid grows they will be able to claim more diamonds.
They are then given the opportunity to share the latest news on their page or on their other friends' pages, which is possibly why the Facebook diamond game rewards these followers so well. If you get to read their news on your page contains information that is newsworthy and could benefit other people, then you can expect to be paid. It's basically like playing a slot, except with Coins and diamonds. Other than placing the gems into the form of rings and watching for all the winners, the strategy seems relatively simple. Each follower who has claimed the prize should start a discussion in the forum of their pages.
All they need to do is read the news and tell other followers about it, perhaps even post a link to their news page in the comments of posts. Once all the diamond-winning groups have accumulated enough to cover the prize offered to each follower, the master sets up an announcement of the winner on the third week of the game. The winner is usually selected from the largest group who is chosen to receive the prize, but there are other variables such as age, gender, location, and so on. If you do not think this is likely to happen to you, why not try yourself to become a diamond of the "myriad" as listed by the master and receive the reward of $1 million, as outlined in the incident of the diamond ring given to each of the members. Just add it to your profile, link it to your Facebook account, and you can earn a fair amount of Coins each day.
It doesn't matter if you're a master and you've been told to contribute and help out your community of followers, or if you're just joining the Facebook community, it doesn't matter. You can make a small contribution, and the idea is to make sure you are rewarded in some way. At the same time, make sure you can keep an eye on your posts to help others and maybe earn a little bit of extra Coins. The great thing about the Facebook is that it's always changing and growing, so don't be afraid to step out on your own and try to get noticed. Find ways to make sure you can earn some Coins with the forum where you can be in charge of your own destiny.
If you haven't heard about the "Moby Dick" diamond yet, don't worry, you will soon. There's a lot of action, and if you get a hold of the free instructions for the Myriad Diamonds in the Facebook game then you can get a head start in the quest for a piece of the action. You can also check out the forum and follow your friends to see if they will be offering a prize on their Facebook pages. If you have enough followers and the Facebook game rewards the top players well, you may be ready to win the ultimate prize. The website that hold the answers and is the source of the information are listed below.
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