23 Sep
You know how to coin the game if you've seen the movie that's out there; once upon a time it was just a dream and you had to use a bunch of words in order to make the animal come alive. Those of us who have seen the movie know that it's not that hard, but it's certainly time consuming. You just need to find someone who is willing to take you through the procedure, of course, or you'll be stuck wasting hours trying to figure it out for yourself. It's fun, isn't it? The great Rhinoceros game on iPhone is the same thing. Just like the movie, it takes some serious imagination, but there's a bit more to it than "things like this happen".
In order to find out how to coin the game, you need to open your screen to a picture. When the screen opens, tap the 'Menu' button and then tap the 'Show iPhone' button. Open the picture, and then simply tap the word picture in the left corner. Now, simply follow the instructions to watch the rhino run around the screen. Your raid friends coin is like the Rhinoceros game, only you don't actually see the rhino running.
But there are other items as well that make it slightly easier. You can tap the icons to turn them on and off, or you can tap on the square icon to remove all the icons from the screen.