02 Jul
Recently, I wanted to put together a mini-series on how to coin the word "Potato" for my iPhone Coin Master game. While it's not exactly rocket science, I thought it might be fun to look at some of the common mistakes people make when they are trying to come up with different words and phrases for their games. This is the first mistake that most people make when they are trying to coin words and phrases for their games: they try to come up with a really simple word or phrase to start with. The problem with this is that you might be able to come up with a great sounding phrase, but it's probably going to be a complete waste of time. What is the purpose of using a word like "Potato" if no one is going to ever say it? This happens quite often with kids who are looking to create their own games.
They spend a lot of time coming up with some cool word combinations for their games, but when it comes to actually creating them, they just don't have the time or the patience to get started. Kids that are just starting out as games designers seem to have the most trouble coming up with words and phrases that are actually meaningful words are probably not the best words to start with. To create words and phrases that are meaningful, kids usually go back to some of the old classics and use some of the more commonly used words and phrases in the English language. For example, instead of trying to come up with a game like "Ned Stark's Dinner," why not try a game like "The Princess and the Pregnant Dog." With this kind of concept, a child has a chance to use some really easy words that are extremely common and very easy to say while still being creative and interesting.
To get a word like "Potato" out of the way, the first thing you need to do isto look for a word that fits your character's name. Your character may be named "Potato", so you should try to find a word that says something like "potato soldier"potato army." For this article, I'm going to use the old favorite of people who play online Coin Master games -- "tennis ball." Once you find a good word to use for your character's name, you can start making your character and your friends feel like real soldiers, because here comes the hard part! As a first step, give your character the name "George" and then decide which letters will spell his/her name. When you have all of the letters you need to spell his/her name, you can then go to Google and find the words that the letters are derived from.
If you're looking to use Twitter Coin Master for your own game, you'll probably want to come up with more than two or three different words for your character. Two letters are good, but if you are going to use three or four letters, you need to pay attention to your character's appearance. Characters with eyes that are shaped like stars should use a letter that spells "star" if they are to stand out from other characters in the game. You can also use a number of different letters for other items in the game. For example, if you're looking to come up with the names of things in the game, you might want to choose words that are derived from words that a character may use or might wear.
Just remember that characters are what make the game fun. Creating a game that has characters that are silly, goofy, and fun to play with is only half the battle. Here's the other half: making the characters real enough that people will actually get into the game and participate. If you are having a lot of fun creating these characters, but they aren't acting in the game, you may have a problem. Something that most players don't think about when they are trying to come up with new words and phrases for their games is that the letters in the game aren't really that important.