16 Feb
How to create multiple game accounts and play multiple versions of the same game is the secret to winning at Viking Coin Master. You can join with your friends, create new games with them and keep your income growing. This is a puzzle game on Facebook that's taken the social networking world by storm. Players need to unlock hidden coins to progress through levels while completing levels to earn Coins to buy new outfits. The more Coins you spend, the higher the payout in points.
Facebook games are great to play online because they're very cheap to download, compared to local high street stores and even downloading them from the internet will cost a fraction of the price. A single point can mean thousands of dollars in profit, so it pays to play the market. As a product of a constant quest for technology that improves life, phones and smart devices are the platform for every phone manufacturer out there. The one thing that keeps them working is a search for a way to make a better and more innovative phone. One of the latest trends is to combine the best features of two different products and produce something better, cheaper and quicker.
Your gaming wallet is as big as your head and there's plenty of free games you can download. The challenge is to find ones that you enjoy and can actually play. Making some time for yourself isn't much fun if you're watching how much you spend on mobile games every day. Find a good way to monetize a game, especially one that's free, to make some Coins. There are many ways to make your Coins grow and I suggest you look into Google AdSense.
You can have Google pay you for any hits your visitors make to your site. On Facebook, it's the same as it is in the online gaming world. With all the scams floating around it pays to be careful and take your time. Don't make the mistake of purchasing a lot of things in your real life first. In the online world, you can't afford to do that.
Take your time to decide what you want to invest in and which items you want to purchase that can make you good Coins. This is part of the fun.