07 Aug
The Facebook 'Coin Master' game has become a hit with both children and adults. The Facebook 'Coin Master' mobile game allows kids to create their own virtual store where they can sell their prized possessions like toy cars, dolls, or action figures. Kids compete against each other by listing their preferred trade items. When a trade item is purchased, it is taken to the virtual toy store where the buyer can choose to get the item or sell it for Spins. Depending on how well a player manages his or her virtual toy store will determine how much Coins they earn.
It is common for kids to increase their earnings by using Facebook Coin Master rewards, a feature of the Facebook game that allows players to earn coins as a way to make buying goods more profitable. In order to use this feature players must first become members of the Facebook 'Coin Master' game. In order to qualify for these bonuses, the player must be able to purchase Facebook gifts from friends' posts. The Facebook Coin Master gifts feature depends on the Facebook's Messenger application. If you are unfamiliar with this feature, you may want to read up on it and see if you meet the criteria.
If you do then you can gain access to Facebook Coin Master rewards by spending a certain amount of time playing the Facebook 'Coin Master' game. The Facebook rewards are applied instantly upon joining the game. Before you qualify for the Coin Master rewards you have to wait for a certain amount of time for your friends to sign on to the Facebook games. If they have been playing the game for a while then they should already have gotten an updated version which would entitle them to use the Facebook Coin Master gifts. Once you get into the Facebook game you must also wait for a period of time before you can play the friend's updates.
In order to be able to play the updates you must have joined the Facebook game. This is done by visiting Facebook and clicking on 'Likes'. From here you can then see what types of friends have been playing the game. Once you see a video update posted by one of your friends then click on it and in the results section you will see if you are eligible to receive one of the Facebook Coin Master gifts. After you get the gift you can get those rewards without spending any real Coins, but you must wait until your friends finish playing their updates before you can get your reward.