28 Mar
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Just do some research to see how to earn more from Coin Master game. Just how many coins do you need to earn? I bet that if you read some of the reviews that other people are giving out, you will find out that one reviewer had just under a hundred coins to earn. I actually did hear a review where he actually had over a thousand coins, but because of the developers saying that they are stopping their ads, he didn't get any more. But I suppose that he was just lucky, because the amount of coins he was earning was a lot. Anyway, if you take the time to check out the reviews and see what other people are saying about the game, you will find out how to earn more.
And that's a good thing. Because the person that wrote the review probably wasn't enjoying the game as much as he should have been. That's right, sometimes a game can be too hard to start with and it's trying to force you to continue to play and spend real Coins. And you won't see the rewards that you are used to seeing, so you need to learn how to earn more coins and get more people playing it.