22 Sep
A friend of mine recently started playing the mobile version of the hit strategy game The Hammer in the Facebook game Coin Master. He loved it but when he reached level five, he couldn't find anyone to play with. This kind of led him to believe that this game was not popular enough for him to want to "tourney" to win a couple of coins. So I suggested to him that he check out the Facebook game, Raid Master. I figured it might be just what he was looking for.
Turns out, he was right and has been hooked ever since. Now he plays it all the time! You see, The Hammer is a game where you collect coins and build up your "Coin Library" in order to become "The Hammer" in the Facebook game, The Coin Master. It's really similar to the mobile version of the game, but it has a twist: you're actually killing people in real life. To prevent cheating in these games, people are constantly playing catch up so that they can keep playing the same old game. The Hammer, however, puts you on a mission to kill and hurt as many people as possible by pushing them out of windows.
After you land several punches, the person will die. So you have to count how many hits you have left by checking your health bar. When it is full, you're off to the next victim. Since there is a special version of The Hammer game, I thought I would share it with you as well. It's called The Undertaker and you have to kill other players with their heads.
The game is more of a challenge than anything else. Get started playing The Hammer today!