25 Mar
? A great way to teach kids the basics of the history and mechanics of how to play a card game is by using the coin master game. It's a good way to get kids interested in learning how to play. The only problem is, you'll need to have your child bring along the rest of their group to get them started. Kids hate it when they can't show their cards to their friends. With this particular idea in mind, I'm going to give you some excellent tips on how to free up coin master game 50 spins to use with the rest of your group.
I know that kids hate to lose their coins and they also love to see the Coins rolling out of the coin masters, but if you want to move them forward, they are going to need to understand that they can have their turns. You can accomplish this by giving them the opportunity to spin the coin master game as soon as they take their turn. When they take their turn, they are going to spin it for all four of the coin masters on the table. While the coins are spinning, make sure that you are making some noise to get their attention. If the kids can hear you, they are going to follow the sound.
Also, if you get loud enough, you might scare them off from even playing their coins! Be alert and be ready for when your kids get near the table and notice that it is quiet. Now, if the kids just pass their turn without any problem, you may want to sit them down and teach them how to play the game. Kids enjoy the game and they don't mind a little bit of fun with their friends. You can also encourage them to get some practice. Instead of spinning their coins as fast as possible, slow down so that they can get more 50 spins and try to hit the right spot before they get all the coins.
Once they hit the right spot, you can speed up the spin and try to get it into the range they need.