11 Jul
Attack Madness continues to be a hit, and the Android version of the game is getting better. This game has a strong reputation as a rogue-like game, which makes it addictive. It gets you all ready playing the game. You start off in the lab where you are going to kill a few things and make some more of them die. The challenge here is how to get it all done without getting harmed.
If you get harmed or you do something wrong, you have to start from scratch again and start a new run. Now, when you die in the game, it can be in many ways. There are deaths where you meet a fatal encounter. There are some cases where you may die because you got hurt by some kind of poison or sickness. In this way, you could really get injured without knowing what caused you to get hurt.
In other cases, you might die from getting diseased or being killed by another character. In this way, you will end up with low health at one point, which will make it harder for you to get through to the next level. That is why if you are going to buy Attack Madness Coin Master for your Android device, you have to have a good health care system set up. To make it easy for you, I will tell you now that you can add a Health Shop to your device. Just find the apps section on your device's settings and do a search for the Health Shop app.
It is a simple health care app that will let you monitor your health levels. It is not the expensive or complicated Health Shop, which can be found in some video games. It is not so complex either because it has a lot of options that you can choose from. Add any stat that you like, and add whatever the cost is. It has a lot of controls and features that will help you manage your health well.
Now, before I will tell you about the hidden coins in the game, I will give you an idea about how much health can you get when you play Attack Madness Coin Master. It would be approximately 60 coins which you can use to open up the chests that you find at the beginning of the game. The coins you get here can be used to purchase gold. With the gold, you can get items and be upgraded further. Here are the hidden coins: These coins are what are called "Gunge".
They are used to upgrade your weapons. Each weapon you get here has a different type of gunge you can get. These coins can be used in the fight against the monsters that come after you. Their type of coin determines what kind of weapon they are and their values can be found out through exploring. So you have to keep digging.
However, do not worry, the coins in this game can be easily gotten. There are several methods on how to get the coins. However, if you are serious about getting those coins, I recommend you find a place that gives these types of coins and maybe you would be lucky enough to find one or two in there.