29 Jan
I am very excited to share my experience of how I solved the problem of playing the game of Rhino Coin Master, which I have had free for a year, and was struggling with its currency converting into dollars. Read on... To start with, I wanted to try the game on my PC, because I had downloaded the first Rage PC Downloads package from the Google Play Store and had been happy with its clear, crisp sound and fabulous graphics. I set it up as my daily dose of enjoyment while I struggled to cope with stress at work, and, after the initial setup process, I enjoyed the game for quite some time. Of course, the base game is very addictive and kept my attention for hours, but it wasn't until recently, when I read an article on How to Win at Viking Coin Master, that I started to get worried about the accuracy of the currency conversion.
In fact, it wasn't until the day before, when I downloaded the latest updates to the Rage PC Downloads, that I became anxious, because I was anticipating another way to earn Coins in the game. There had been many negative comments on the Android Coin Master Hack Rewards, so I was really curious to see if there were any updates. The application on my PC was the same as the one I had enjoyed on my desktop PC, so I opened the downloaded file from the Internet to find an "Update" button. But, instead of downloading the updates, it prompted me to go onto the website where I had entered my email address and entered my name and password to get into the game, and then started to download my account information to keep it safe. Please let me rephrase: It prompted me to do this! All I wanted was to play the game and earn the elusive coins, not to sign up for something online.
Although the free coin rewards are great and easy to get, it is still a huge inconvenience to go online and try to login to see if you have any free coins in your account. It was time to make sure I was doing everything properly, so I went back to the website and tried to log in. Again, I was greeted by the "Error" message, so I deleted the application and reinstalled it again. I went back to the game and tried to play, but to no avail. I tried several times but found that the "error" was not going away.
So, I went to Google and typed in the error message, and looked up the option to report a website, and clicked on it. The step-by-step instructions were simple to follow. I chose a browser, searched for a website that could help me fix the error, and signed in and enjoyed the game for a few minutes. At this point, I was disappointed, because the whole game seemed to be a bit frustrating. I decided to go to the Game Center application, and open up the game and remove my account.
With the check box, I selected "Remove Game", and my game account was gone! I was very surprised to find that I had just saved myself some Coins by making the mistake of signing up for this silly way. I returned to the website where I had my account, and I discovered that they had another check box for me to select if I wanted to continue to the next level, or to begin the next level with a smaller amount of coins. Once I hit the button to start the game, the coins were automatically added to my account. From this point on, I tried to play through the game a few more times. The coins were slowly but surely multiplying and becoming mine to collect.
And, in fact, I have been able to pay back the small loan that I got early on in the game with coins. This is just an example of how the game can be fixed. and how easy it is. to get that extra pay check or ticket, so try it out and enjoy yourself.