29 Oct
The Fox game that is included in the Fox News iPhone version of the How to Golden Cards game is very fun. As a costumed visitor to CNN, I thought I would try this game for my review. In this review, I will compare how the different versions of the Fox card game are different. When the new version of the game came out, the older version was still available. In fact, many stores offered both versions for sale, except in China.
Many people wanted the older version of the game because it was considered an expensive game. The new version was sold at much cheaper prices to offset the cost of the new version. Each version has the same card making process. The coins that come with the game are of a higher quality than the ones you can buy for the normal version. The new version is also more complicated than the normal version.
The player should know about the subtleties in the game. They have to make sure that the change in the card is not too large, since it could be a distraction when the round is over. On the other hand, the new card does not have any real value. You do not get anything on a new card. You cannot put Coins on a new card.
The only way that the new card makes a difference is that if you need a new card or a chance card to get you through a tricky situation, then the new card could be an advantage. That is why it is fun to take the old version and change it for the new one. Another point that I found interesting was that the game offers a different game play than the iPhone version of the How to Golden Cards game. When the iPhone version of the game was released, it did not offer the coin masters to flip them. Instead, they only had the direction to give it, a quarter-turn.
In the new version, you need to turn the coin around. The new version is also more difficult than the old version. One feature that was offered on the Apple's version of the coin master is to display the type of card that is on the stack. You see the card symbol above the game board. On the Fox version, the line up that is in the center is the only one that can be seen.
Even though the line up is shown, the side card is hidden. The Android version of the How to Golden Cards game includes the Chinese and English version of the Fox Coin Master game. They are both similar to each other in that they come with a card deck. The game play is very simple and there is no interaction between the two versions. It is very strange that the Apple version of the game only includes the Chinese language.
You cannot use the Chinese language while playing the game. The game does not seem to think that it is a competitive game if you cannot read the script in the game. With the other two versions, the Chinese language would have been an option that I would have tried. The Apple iPhone version has the same premise of flipping the coins. It has a similar device, but it is less complex.
It does not have the ability to reveal the whole line up. It also does not have a coin master on it. The iOS game also does not have a chance card system that the other versions of the Fox game has. When the coins flip, it opens up a window on the top of the screen. It shows the number of flips that the coin has made.
The news websites such as CNN can offer the How to Golden Cards game for free if they purchase the older versions of the game. However, if you do not pay for the newer versions of the game, the game is free.