11 Mar
The Fox Company is well known in the mobile gaming world as they develop and distribute many of the top games in the iTunes App Store. Viking Coin Master isn't an exception to this, as it is an excellent video card game. But, it does have a few of the "Fox Code" hacking tricks up its sleeve. Coin Master has a great game and is extremely addictive to play, but in order to win at Coin Master you need to understand how the Fox Code works. Fortunately, we can explain this in this article so that you will know what to do in order to make the most out of this winning strategy.
When playing this game, first we must understand the workings of the Fox Code and how it will affect your play. This is important because if you do not understand this then you might find yourself frustrated as the game continues to roll over you and ruin your hopes of winning. The basics of the Fox Code is that all four coins that are scattered throughout the game are tracked. When you play this type of game, this tracking system is used so that every time you throw a ball into the game, you will receive one coin, which is added to the stack. The main objective of the game is to accumulate more coins than your opponent.
It's fun, challenging, and addictive and that's why you should know how to hack this game so that you can acquire coins very quickly. In order to hack this game, you need to know how to solve the puzzle. Here is how the puzzle is done. At the beginning of the game, all coins will be in a random state, so you need to use this to your advantage. You will need to remove all of the coins from the first random state so that the next ball can land on the remaining one.
Now, because you have removed all of the coins from the random state, the coins will now become located randomly over the course of the game. You can't just have all of the coins randomly land on a particular coin in any one game, but you can have many balls bounce around until a winner is chosen. Remember that the game has four coins that will alternate between random and resting states. It's just a matter of throwing many balls at the random state until you get one that lands in the rest state. If the random coin lands in the rest state, then the next ball needs to come into the random state, but you must wait until there is a single coin in the rest state.
This will allow you to take that coin and use it to land in the random state. The difference in these steps is that the main objective of the coin that was thrown was to land in the rest state. You need to realize that all the coins that were thrown in the first game need to end up in this resting state. This is the most basic implementation of the Fox Code and although you won't see many Fox Code tricks in this game, it will teach you the basic fundamentals of the Fox Code. From here, you will be able to exploit the Fox Code and win at Viking Coin Master.