02 May
The popular game of Coin Master has recently been updated to become Android compatible. The update was part of the new features that were added to the game last year. The newest version of the game is even more entertaining than the previous versions. When looking for an Android compatible game, most people will not even look at Coin Master because they have other games in mind, but the new updates have kept the players entertained. A few weeks ago, I downloaded the latest version of the Coin Master game and tested it on my Android.
I was immediately surprised by how much this game had changed from when I first started playing the game. Now the game has zoom in, the colors are more vibrant, the backgrounds are more detailed, and the coins are all now shiny, so they sparkle in the air as you play. The game is still very much similar to the previous versions. In fact, many players complain that the quality of the graphics on the screen have been greatly reduced. All in all, I am very happy with the changes in the Android version of the game of Coin Master.
I now have a lot more fun playing the game on my mobile phone. It looks and feels like my desktop computer, but the experience is much more enjoyable. I can also use my Android to play some of my other games without having to go to my computer.