28 Apr
The Android version of the mobile coin game The Viking Coin Master game has been ported into the iPhone. This new mobile version can be downloaded and played for free. The newest version is better known as "Viking Coin Master Hack 400 spins". This game requires the use of an android emulator or a new phone with Google Android on it. A phone is needed because this is for fun and not for any purpose other than entertainment.
The game is played by using coins to purchase space on the game board. To play this version of the game, one must simply navigate to the Google Play store and download the app. After installing the application and opening it up, a series of prompts will be shown on the device's operating system. When prompted, the user will be asked if they wish to launch the game. When the game launches, the screen will change from the normal game play to the actual game board and the coins will be placed in their designated spaces.
It is important to note that after placing the coins in the correct spaces, there will be a timer available on the bottom left corner of the screen. The user will need to answer a question about a specific number of turns or moves made before the time is up. After answering correctly, the timer will begin ticking down until the end of the game and it will begin to decrease when the round ends. Once the time reaches zero, the phone will be considered a winner and the player will win the game. A coin flip will be required to determine the winner.
On the iPhone, if this type of hack 400 spins occurs, the device will begin showing "Coin Master Hacked" on the screen.