28 Jul
? The latest news regarding the Viking Coin Master New Event is that all cards with the new event on them are now gone from all stores and will be for sale off by the store on the website. The new event has raised the prices of the event cards from anywhere from 50 dollars to two hundred dollars. The reason for the increase in price is because the developers of the game have more cards in the next event and are adding another event, which will likely make the prices go up even more. The price of this event is not going to change until the game has been released again. Since the Facebook Friends now have been removed from the game, you will not be able to send gifts from your Facebook friends to the friends in the game.
To get around this, you can send your coins to a friend of a friend in the game. In order to do this, you must first delete the Facebook Friends you have on the Facebook site before you can send coins to your friends. At the time of this article, the developer of the Viking Coin Master was unable to log into his Twitter account to answer any questions about the game. The owner of the game has locked his account due to "incorrect activity". If you want to be able to play the game for yourself, it is recommended that you first wait for a few hours and then go back to your account.
To prevent anyone from getting access to your account, the application will erase the password that you gave them. It is important to note that if you were going to give this application to a child, they should be aware of the fact that they may lose their child account.