21 Mar
The important question is how to hammer coin master game and make it a hit. Well, you are not alone to think how to make the game a hit. The number of people who are playing this game is really high. This game has made its way into the iOS market recently, and the Android game is also getting popularity. So, here are some helpful tips to help you build a great game.
Your first task in how to hammer coin master should be to create the designs. The initial thought that comes into your mind is to get a real life picture or idea. I am sure you have taken a walk or drive along a beach in your city to get the ideas on how to make the best game. Design the graphics to match your picture. Make sure that the designs are well matched to each other to make sure the concept would look good on the device.
You also need to think about how you can make the designs as sharp as possible. There is nothing to worry since the Android app has full screen design so you don't need to worry about the display size at all. So, take the rough design that you are creating and then add details that would enhance the concept of the design. For example, if you have created a beach design, you can use it as the background for the game. And if the design is a bird, you can try to make the birds come in a row or flying around on the background to make the design look more realistic.
As mentioned above, when it comes to hammering out the design, you can do it with the device of your choice. When you are designing the beach design, just use your free hand to create the sand patterns. The same idea will apply to the bird designs and the mobile game can create the bird designs in the real life scene. Another thing that I like to recommend is that you can make some Android version of the designs. You can make a proof of the game, so that you can show the people to play.
They can easily download the app from the Android market and can start playing the game. Another idea that I have is that you can create an Android version of the mobile game for the older generation. The concept of the game is still applicable in the old generation and they can enjoy it a lot more. If the concept is too old, you can try to create something more exciting that will get their attention. And the fun of hammering coins with the users to play the game can be added to the mobile game.
You can add the features of the game in the Android version that can make the game more appealing. For example, you can include the following features to it: The above examples give you great ideas on how to hammer coin master game to make it a big hit. But the real success will come when you test your game and see how the game would look and play to your satisfaction.