20 Mar
The iOS version of the highly popular game The Simpsons: Tapped Out, a game that players can use to compete with other players worldwide, has a very entertaining feature in that players can make Coins by selling and buying used (tapped out) iphone game coins. This feature is very similar to the feature of the Rhino Coin Master game hack. A group of members who are all into the digital currency scene, found the opportunity to exploit the Tapped Out iPhone app which allows players to purchase and sell iphone game coins. Their point of contention is that they were able to buy these coins on eBay and then sell them on eBay, making much more Coins than what they could by merely creating the same app themselves and uploading it onto the Tapped Out website. The way the 2 iphone coin master game hacks were done is essentially the same as the way the very popular software program, called iphoneCoin Master, was made.
The apps, Rhino and The Fox, which were created by members of the "CryptoCurrency" community were designed to make it easy for anyone who has a little bit of technical knowledge to hack their way to making a lot of Coins fast. However, as both apps were simply copied and pasted, there was no need for anyone to hire programmers. All that was needed was to use a couple of handy tools and those tools would take care of the job. In the case of the Rhino Coin Master game hack, users needed to download an application to their computer, which opened a window to a programming page. The application was loaded into the window and then users had to enter their passwords before the application could be run.
After this step, a series of instructions were entered into the computer program, which would take care of a variety of operations needed to hack the Coins within the game.