08 Jan
The popular Android and iPhone coin collecting games, Raid Coin Master and Fox Coin Master, are now available for the Xbox. Now you can use your Xbox to play both games! Like all coin games, this one uses metal coins to collect. Each round has a goal that you must complete before the game is over. For example, you might be trying to collect all the pieces for the big treasure chest. In this version of the game, though, you won't be trying to collect metal coins.
Instead, the coins used in the game are magnetic. You attach them to your gear piece in order to move it around the board. On your turn, you'll see a list of moves that you can make on your Fox piece. Some moves will make it do things (such as move one space), while others will lower a number of points (such as lower the value of one of your pieces). Moving the piece will allow you to collect metal coins from the board, which can be sold to make more Coins.
The games will have eight rounds in total. You start with one piece on each track. Then, each round you can switch out one of your pieces for a new one. You don't have to keep all of your pieces on the same track; you can move them around between the tracks, in order to change the odds. You have three options when it comes to choosing a piece for your Raid game.
You can choose from an individual fox piece, a pre-selected fox piece, or choose to purchase a special card that you put onto the track that allows you to place it anywhere on the board. The cards come in two types. One type comes with a "jack" symbol on it. The other comes with an "s" symbol. If you decide to use the fox cards, then you're limited to only one fox at a time, no matter how many you have before starting the game.
Also, there's only one card per track. You can also use the additional pieces that are part of the deck that comes with the games. These extra pieces can help you rack up some points as well. The card can come with both coins and magnets, but you have to take this into consideration before deciding what kind of piece to use. Because the game is actually much more than simply collecting metal coins, there are other options.
You can win through other means, such as scoring high on the leaderboards, while still getting involved in the game. You can also score points just by playing the game and not trying to get as many coins as possible. Yet another important aspect is how the game will play out when the players are working together. To use the cards, you will need to find a track where you'll be able to place them. Once you have your track, you'll need to first match up all the cards, then go to the next track and match them up again.
If all of this doesn't seem easy, don't worry. All the rules can be found online, so you can get all the tips you need to improve your skills and become a skilled player in this awesome game.