04 Mar
If you've been playing the new iPhone coin tossing game Coin Master you may have noticed how you start with a small number of free 25 spins and then gradually increase the number of 25 spins you get as you start to rack up the Coins you need to buy the tools that you will need to build up a better score. This is a concept that works very well for players of the iOS coin toss game called "How to coin Master Rewards Game". Here's how it works...you start off with five 25 spins in your pocket of the game and if you win all five of those you then get the bonus of an extra spin per spin. Eventually you'll earn so much Coins that you'll be able to buy extra 25 spins that you can use to enhance your score.
However if you happen to hit a break in your first spin then you'll lose all of your extra spin tokens and then have to start over again with five empty pockets. So while it might seem that the game doesn't change too much in terms of how you do things once you've started, this game does have a few different variations. Here's how to play How to coin Master Rewards Game in two different ways...