20 Mar
The Coin Master game from designer Stephen Chen can be played on Facebook. It is a simple twist on the classic arcade game in which a player must match three or more identical colored coins to get to the next level. Players need to make it past the obstacles in the level in order to proceed to the next one. However, players can also make Coins by exchanging in-game coins for real Spins or other currencies. This makes it a perfect platform for businesses, online merchants and charities to engage in business through social networking.
Since the latest update of Facebook, the iPhone app has been free and available for iPhone users. Now, with the addition of the iPhone Coin Master Event Game, this addictive game is now available to Facebook users on the iPhone as well. It's been updated with an impressive 4D and a new high score table. A previous version of the game had limited graphics and sound effects. This new update makes the iPhone version of the game with an exclusive experience.
This is true especially because of the fact that iPhone users can now play the game through Facebook from any location with Wi-Fi connectivity. In order to play the game on Facebook, you only need to find the appropriate Facebook page, register an account, enter the above-mentioned details and download the app. You can then quickly download the Coin Master iPhone app to your iPhone. The Game Play consists of challenging stages that introduce new challenges each time you complete them. When you beat the stage, you earn in-game coins.
This is where a Coins mechanic comes into play. If you have a lot of coins, you can buy additional skills that allow you to compete in higher levels faster.