27 Dec
In the past year or so, I have played numerous times on Coin Master and for several months and it became a very engaging and interesting game. It was interesting because the opponents were real and were quite competent at doing a good job with it. It was also interesting because of the phenomenon that has begun that has gotten the attention of many players and has grown over time to be one of the most popular games around the world. I was especially interested in seeing where it would go from here and how it would gain more followers. For sure, it had a fan base that is really quite large and it is growing every day.
For the first time in my life, I felt an appreciation of these games. It started as a mere concept and now it has become an entire game, which actually has some objectives and goals that the players have to follow. The first thing that one has to understand about this game is that it's strategy is still to get as much Coins as possible. But the question comes into play of when the best time to do so is. A good player can survive this long if he knows how to do it right.
The strategy used in Coin Master is quite different than other games. This game actually requires great strategy and skills. The idea behind this is that you can't simply rely on luck when facing opponents. So you have to devise your strategies in the beginning of each new round. As you may know, the first rule of a game of Coin Master is to remain undetected and at the same time come up with a strategy for when you are attacked.
One way to do this is to make use of the long range attacks. And the way to use this in Coin Master is by equipping the long range weapons and hiding them somewhere near your opponent. Another way of winning is by using the Viking weapon. All you have to do is to knock down the face of your enemy. While doing this, you will be attacking with a series of short range attacks.
Using this method will not only make it very easy for you to win but also won't have you suffering too much damage in the process. One of the ways to learn more about the way how to raid Coin Master is to see what other strategies there are. The most common ones are the quick melee attack, which is very effective in raiding. It can cause major damage on its own and all you have to do is to stand on your foot while waiting for the opponents to attack you. After some time, you can bring down the enemy with the heavy weapon.
All you have to do is to avoid the long range attacks which will be brought forth by your opponents. It is just the same as in any other game except that in this case, you will need to be a bit more focused on the battle field.