03 Nov
Raiding the Grand Auction House (G.A.) or, the Fox auction house, is an excellent way to get free items for your characters. The character of the character who sells the items to you does not get any of the gold for selling items he or she doesn't have, but you can profit by having more gold than you need with a wide variety of items. How to Win at Viking Coin Master? The main reason to keep a Viking Fox in your bank is to gain a significant amount of gold. That's the whole point of the game.
You don't necessarily want to win; you just want to have enough gold to get through the next major battle or the upcoming war. So, what are the tricks to winning the game? First of all, there are four accounts in the game. When you're playing the game, these accounts work as "owners" of the item they own. They sell the item on their own accounts and they win the Coins if they buy it from another player on that account. That's what makes the rules so complicated.
You can have four accounts in the game, and it can be tough to remember which one is which. You have to be careful not to sell an item in the wrong order, so that you can increase your chances of getting a better price on the item when you sell it to another player. However, if you need to do that, you can use your guild hall to do it. Your guild hall is a bank, just like your character. Use your guild hall to do the trading you want, just make sure you don't let the guild hall run out of things to trade, or you'll be in big trouble.
Another way to win is to combine your characters. Combine your Fox character with a Rhino, or Rhino with a Chimera. This will allow you to get both types of characters, allowing you to earn double the amount you would normally earn. A good strategy for successful raids is to wait for certain dates. The dates can be a few weeks, or even a month.
Even if the date is a month out, you should still be able to wait. The way to succeed at this strategy is to be very aware of the dates when raids are scheduled. When raids are scheduled, it can be difficult to know which one is happening where in Hammer Town. However, one place to keep track of is your guild hall. When the raids are scheduled, look for the guild hall icon and mark down which day it is, so that you know when it's time to strike.
The war quest for that date can be devastating. It's possible to lose more Coins than you'd have won. When you reach a reasonable level, look for an easier war quest to try. Even if the war quest isn't easy, you can always play the same game and place a high limit on your limit for the war quest. The coin range is always very low for a war quest, so you will be very profitable.
Any character can do this, so don't worry about your Fox or Rhino not being able to do it. They will sell the items. This will help you get a huge profit. Just look for an easier war quest, get it and watch the gold pour in. Keep these tips in mind and you should be doing well.
Hopefully these tips will help you win at the coin master game. Even if you don't win, at least you'll be doing something interesting and learning something new.