17 Aug
The first time I was introduced to the Rollerblade Master is when I was a kid and my dad had me using one of those trackballs to control his kids bikes. We went for a ride and were having so much fun that he finally gave in and bought a Rollerblade Master. I did not understand what he meant by that, but after using it for years I understood what he meant. We used it for many years and it never left our garage or the basement, even after he passed on. The first thing I remember when I started playing the Rollerblade Master is the graphics on the display.
It looked like a Mr High Top design and I had a pretty decent sized television for the time. You could easily tell it was an "older" generation of gaming consoles because of the way they were designed. When I first became familiar with the game of Coin Master it was simple, and the controls were easy to learn. When you got in the game, you would punch buttons or push the Trackball in order to move the wheel and acquire coins. As the game progressed you would unlock more advanced capabilities and more powerful weapons.
By the third chapter I found out that the people you fight were the ones collecting all the coins and you needed to defeat them. Each level was a different world, each level was different creatures and each level changed the number of coins that were available at that point. You would fight the same boss each time you finished one of the levels. The gold coins changed as you progressed through the game. The coins that you collected were also the coins that I thought were hiding in the next level.
They were just waiting for me to come back to collect them. I remember thinking "Oh no, this is going to be a lot of fun." Eventually you would get access to new power ups, these different ones helped you make your victory faster. It was a much faster pace and I loved that about the game. It was almost too good to be true.
Eventually the power ups stopped being featured in the game and you would find yourself just battling the enemies that you were already equipped with. I found myself a bit frustrated with this game at times because there were times where I would see my boss and he would be a gold coin faster than I was. You could keep this up for as long as you wanted, it was the same concept. As I progressed in the game, I realized that there were some hidden things that I could obtain to help me collect the coins I was after. Some of these things involved levels where you had to fight more than one enemy at a time.
I discovered that a lot of the higher level coins would drop in these kinds of levels. Some of the other coins would be made of different gems and these would have a way to use them. You could either use them to fight the enemies for extra coins, or you could use them to make special abilities. These are the sort of things that you would really want to keep your eyes peeled for. The hidden coins that you have to pay attention to are very rare, and you really don't want to miss this part of the game.
Every once in a while you will hit a coin that is quite special and you should find it. You are more likely to want to get a hold of these coins than the regular ones. There is another secret you can use to help you collect more coins as well. To make coins you have to press the "nextlevel" button a few times, and then the "complete level" button. this will make a combination that will give you double the amount of coins that you already have, making it worth every second that you wait to get it.