26 Dec
In the latest update for the mobile version of the popular Game of Coin Master, the game received yet another set of 100 spins to win. Raid friends coins and win even more spin, or perhaps, some epic loot. Still not convinced? Let's take a look at what exactly this new spin offers... First off, you can use this game to catch up on some downtime while waiting for a newer game to load. The game is easy enough to be completed in an hour or two, but this extra spin is a great way to maximize your time playing the game.
Depending on how many new coins you find and how much gold you have, you can see if the changes really make any difference to the way you play the game. It is definitely something that adds a lot of excitement to the game. Do not be mistaken, however, as this is not an in-game feature. Simply go to your "My Games" tab and you will find this new spin listed. The other interesting spin that you can win for your efforts in the current release of the game is a big raid rewards pack.
Raid friends and claim the loot by helping your guild out, or maybe even finish the next level. There are a number of levels in each of the five guilds. Each has their own legendary weapon, so you should find a place for all of your players that you think would want to try the new update. So what does this mean? You might find yourself very excited and ready to continue playing the game with your friends, or you might simply feel like all of the gold is going to your bank account. Either way, the right advice is to do your homework and decide if you want to continue playing the game, and whether you should wait for the next spin or get your loot.