21 Apr
There are quite a few ways to win at Viking Coin Master. But when it comes to actually winning the game, there are many different ways to do so. I have listed the most effective and also the most annoying ways to win at Viking Coin Master. The first way to win is by earning the most Coins possible in the shortest amount of time. One way to do this is to play against the computer, but you can also win by playing against other players who play against the computer.
Team up with other players to earn more Coins or play against them and help them earn more Coins. I have even heard of a technique where you play against the computer and then help the other players to get rich. The next way to win is to team up with someone else to complete quests that are in front of you. This is called making raids on chests to make sure you are getting items you need. Another way to win at Coin Master is to find more efficient ways to get your items from the chest.
You may be able to complete a quest to earn some nice rewards from the chest or just complete a quest until you get rich enough to buy your own scroll case or scroll racks. The third way to win is to complete more quests to acquire more scrolls. Every time you finish a quest and when you complete a scroll more gold is added to your account. To make it easier to find a good place to buy Scroll Racks, I recommend taking a look at the websites listed below. Click here to find more information on these sites.
Once you find a good website to buy a scroll rack, just log into that site and place your order for a scroll rack. Your site will show up on their list of available scroll racks. If you want to increase your chances of winning at Coin Master, the best thing to do is to join a Digg Club. This site is free and has tons of people looking for a new site to join. These sites will have different members and different levels of membership.
When you make it through the more hardcore members, you can proceed to joining a lower level site. These lower level sites are packed with people and if you have a certain game or technique you want to post about, you can easily make a post and place it in one of these sites. One more great advantage to a Digg site is that it is always being updated. So now you know the 4 best ways to win at Viking Coin Master. Use the tips I have listed above and you should have no trouble finding how to win at Viking Coin Master.