07 Jun
The latest hit mobile game that gives you a chance to explore your inner adventurer is the Hammer Coin Master Game. This game has catapulted itself to fame in just a few weeks of its release. Many people are playing this game as it has brought them so much enjoyment. It is a game that is easy to learn, easy to play and that will keep you coming back for more to see what new challenges you can conquer. Your character in this game is an advanced player that can also give you help in finding resources and quests that you need to complete in order to continue the game.
In the game you are equipped with a hammer and this will be your weapon in your journey to become the best adventurer that you can be. There are various types of items you can collect in this game. These are like gold, crafting materials, arrowheads, animal bones, armor and weapons. You can also buy these items through the game in addition to use them in combat. One other thing you can do in this game is to research about these items.
By researching you can find out some online videos and read some articles on how to go about some of the strategies and techniques of acquiring the items you want in the game. You will also learn how to refine the materials and produce them at home or on a farm. You will also find out tips and tricks to make gold easier by buying all the possible equipment items in this game. You can gather all the resources needed to build items such as animals, armor and weapons. With the online guide you will be able to know exactly what type of energy source to get for energy charges.
It will also tell you where to get some resources such as iron, ice, and wolf fur. It will also tell you to be careful when working with those animals that are classified as dangerous and this could spell your doom. When the game progresses you will find out that you can equip different pieces of gear from which you can gain experience and then you can advance to a level that you can use your items to fight with other players. When you reach the point where you can use your gear to kill monsters, you should not forget to be careful as you would never want to defeat a monster that is smarter than you and has items that will help them attack faster. So make sure you have your items that will stun them and you should have one that is good enough to cause serious damage to them.
If you have your items as you need you will be able to take them down fast and if you don't have them you will probably lose the fight. Another point to keep in mind is that some creatures in this game that are considered as Viking, they are not the same as the ones in the game. The beasts you have to face will be monsters that are stronger and tougher than the ones you faced in the original version of the game. These monsters will come after you in waves and you will need to be able to take them down fast. In order to win at Viking Coin Master you have to focus on building up your power base in order to upgrade the weapons, armor and the items you have acquired.
When the time comes for you to fight the creature of the day then you have to focus on using your items in order to cause as much damage as possible. Don't forget to research in order to be prepared in case you are being attacked by the Vikings.