10 Jul
The Rock Paper Scissors Game is just another variant of the Coin Master game that's on Facebook now. We do hope that in this year's version of the game, the players can get coin master challenge coins as rewards. In the Facebook version of the game, the Rock Paper Scissors players are now invited to participate in a Coin Master challenge and their reward is this special type of coin. In order to win this special coin, you have to be able to match the winning of your opponent to the pattern. But, here's the catch, it seems that the winner of the special coin in the Facebook version of the Coin Master Mobile Game is automatically declared the winner.
The only way to be able to win is by hacking the Twitter users who will automatically enter the next round after each round. They will automatically post comments about how easy it is to get that special coin in order to earn special recognition. Trolls make their debut as a part of the Challenge Coin Program. They use Twitter to post comments about how easy it is to win and how easy it is to get coin master challenge coins. Even if you don't win the coin at the end of each round, the trolls' comments are just getting worse.
The worst part is that there are a lot of trolls who are posting comments that they haven't won any coin. That's why you will just have to visit all the troll's comments and look for clues that will help you decipher which one of them is telling the truth. You need to note that the only way to identify who the truth troll is, is to go through all their comments. If the troll already published some troll comments but you want to be sure, check the blog's address or see the tweet log to check if the troll has posted another comment. Once you've found the troll, head over to the person's profile page and look at his/her profile picture to make sure that they don't have more than one picture.
If they do, consider going after their Tweets or the posts in their blogs. In case you are not too confident about identifying the troll, you can consider block trolling. Block trolling means that you don't follow the troll. Keep in mind that there are a lot of social networking platforms and to keep the number of their contacts low, it's important that you avoid following them. Besides block trolling, you can consider making friends with the troll to avoid conflict in the future.
After all, you don't want to give them a chance to look for other Troll Accounts. After identifying the troll, it's time to take the next step in solving the problem. First of all, you need to consider the possibility that the troll might be lying to hide the fact that he doesn't have enough Coins to pay you for being a stranger to him. So, you should look at the fact that they are playing the game in real time interaction. This is another example of how you should be careful when dealing with online games, because you need to remember that you can't win or lose Coins at all.
Another sign that the troll may be lying to you is if he or she starts complaining in some of the blogs he or she owns. The truth is that every time you find a good troll, you should keep a close eye on the troll comments and see if the troll complains in any of the blogs owned by him or her.