08 Aug
The game is about playing a real life game of Coin Master in a virtual arena. That's exactly what this mobile game of Hammer-Masters CoinMaster is all about. In order to become a true hero of the story, you have to play the game of virtual Coin Master and earn as much Coins as possible, without losing even a single golden ring. A certain master of the game of coinmaster has left his collection of game coins in the city of Ballerinas which he purchased for a very good price at auction. There are different kinds of enemies to beat, they might be guarded by a particular kind of guard and be guarded by a particular kind of a spy or a special kind of Knight.
The player has to choose the way to win each game, which could be playing it real fast, or playing it smartly and slowly. The game of coinmaster is a real time strategy event game. The first part of the game begins with the opening sequence, where you need to start trading with other players or with strangers on the streets of the city, if you don't own any coins yet. The real life game of Coin Master, which is also known as the game of Golden Hammer has several rules. The rules of the game are exactly the same with that of the game of Coin Master.
The real life game of Coin Master is similar to the game of real world Coin Master. The developers of the game of coinmaster have converted the real life game of Coin Master into an event game, in order to make the players of the game of coinmaster playing the game even more excited and amazed, the game takes place in the city of Ballerinas. The players must win all the events to get their moves successfully. If the players lose, they are blocked and if they win, they get their moves to take place, but if they fail, they will lose their investment and lose their Coins. So basically, the game of coinmaster is about the game of Coin Master with some event and game variations.