15 Feb
One of the best sounding titles in mobile game development is "Hammers Coin Master Mobile Game". This title has been created by the award winning developers who have built up a string of hit titles in the recent past. When the game comes out, it will come with three heroes for you to choose from: the Bomber, the Trickster and the Anarchist. The content of the game will also include Coins which is in its own right a very useful item. Like all the other Craft Game titles that are available, this one is quite similar in nature.
There are more levels to conquer, enemies to battle and bosses to destroy. It does however have its own unique twist. With the help of special gemstones which are found scattered across the game world, you can purchase the upgrade of the four characters of this title. The skills that are obtainable using these gems include certain elemental spells like a fire spell for the Trickster hero and an ice spell for the Anarchist hero. Each of these gems have a different effect on the game play.
The game is in fact quite enjoyable to play. The designs are so well done that they provide players with a lot of fun. The story is as appealing as the overall feel that the game provides. After finishing the game and spending some time on it, it is evident that the designers did a wonderful job in designing a unique title. One interesting feature is that after the completion of the game, you can continue playing the other heroes for free.
There is an option to visit the online market after completing the game and purchase gems to upgrade your heroes. There is no way one could resist playing this game considering the fact that it offers so much entertainment.