10 Feb
iPhone Coin Master is a fun game that allows you to compete with the others to beat your own score. The main goal of the game is to reach the top. In order to earn coins, you need to throw the coins in a pool where they will roll into a hole. After the roll, they will stick together and will grow bigger in size. These balls can be rerolled and can be used as Spins for prizes or can be sold to get Spins to buy new balls.
If you are successful, you can then throw a pin in the pool. If the ball hits the pin, it will spin around and hit other balls that are in the pool. They will land in a pool and make you a point for each one. The more balls in the pool, the more points you will get. If you hit a three balls in a row, you will receive three points.
When you are near the top of the score board, you will be given the option to throw in the track to continue the fun. Each score will bring in a new track, and each track will allow you to earn coins based on how many coins you have thrown. To become a master at the game of iPhone Coin Master, you need to use all of the tricks that the track has to offer. For example, if you want to earn coins, the best way to do this is to throw the coins in and get rid of them in a certain amount of time. The more you throw at them, the more coins you will earn.
You can earn coins quickly by throwing the coins in for longer amounts of time. You can also earn coins slowly and earn more when you throw them.