26 Oct
There is a new coin distribution program launched in the Facebook Viking Coin Master Facebook Friends Event, and it will only take a few seconds to see if this is the one you want to participate in. It is true to the original Viking Coin Master Facebook Event that only loyal fans will be the ones that can get great coins and other items from this event. But if you do not have any Fox friends, this will just be the start of the promotions to go on. This is true because of the people who don't even know about the series of mobile games that they can get for free. The Fox's Facebook fan page has just opened up its doors for all the fans to try out the new coin distribution program that they have introduced to the public.
In a way, these new coins can be considered as a bonus that everyone can have once they sign up for the Facebook fan page. It is true to say that the same thing happens to Vikings fans as well, as this is the Facebook event that all Vikings fanatics will join. At the time of writing this article, this special event is still ongoing but there are still two weeks left for them to get all the Fox Coin Master followers and fans who did not sign up for the Facebook Fan Page. But if you can manage to stay away from the Fox Coin Master Facebook Fan Page, you can still participate in the Viking Coin Master Facebook Event by joining the event so many others have already joined up for. So what can you expect from this particular coin distribution promo? Well, after you have signed up for the event, you can also expect to get some great stuff like free Fox Tokens, free Fox Coins and a lot more.
Yes, you can also get things like food, drinks and other stuff that can make your whole day fun and exciting. If you are a loyal follower of the Vikings and Fox, then you can surely join in the fun by opening up your Facebook profile and posting this event. You have to be sure to check out the Fox Coin Master Facebook Page to find out if this is the event that you want to join up in so that you can get your share of coins. Not everyone will be lucky enough to get this exclusive promotion as there are a lot of Vikings fans who are unable to join up in this exclusive event. Also, you have to consider the Facebook rewards in order to enjoy the special event.
Every new coin distribution event offers exclusive rewards and bonuses that are offered to loyal fans. For this reason, you have to be sure to join the Fox and Vikings Coin Master Facebook Event to get a chance at getting that coveted Fox Coins and other items that can be had from it.