01 Feb
Just a few days ago, Free 100 spins Coin Master appeared on the App Store and has since gone viral. In just a few short hours of its release, it's already making the rounds on the media. This is no doubt due to the extensive features and exciting game play it offers. This doesn't really surprise me because of how much creativity and innovation the developers put into this original game. I have to say though that I was actually disappointed by some of the hype surrounding this game.
The word "free" seems to be everywhere but it wasn't really free. For the best deal, I recommend getting a game pass, which allows you to use all the coins from one game, for a discounted price. It may sound weird but if you buy a game pass, you can save 50% off of your purchase. You don't need to pay full price for a game pass. I'm sure everyone who's interested in getting this game will want to know how the game works, so I'll explain how the free 100 spins coin master game works.
Players start out with ten sets of coins (there are different types of coins and the one you get is based on what you decide to use), and after a few seconds of playing, they begin to get hit with a bomb. Bombs will do two things, firstly, it will make them explode and secondly, it will steal coins from them. When it steals the coins, it stays with you and can't be sent to the nearest bank. This is why you have to watch out for bombs. After about 10 minutes, you move on to the next level of the game.
When this happens, all the coins you collected before will automatically be sent to the bank. But be careful, because you also need to avoid bombs in order to receive the Coins from the bank. These are the only two ways that coins are collected and this is how the game works. But, the problem with the game is that you have to pay Coins to get coins. This is why there are many people who have complained about the fact that they didn't receive free coins and that they had to pay Coins to access this free game.
In this way, they think that the game developers had already made Coins off of them and they felt ripped off. Well, I've got some news for those who have complaints about Free 100 spins Coin Master and this is that it's completely possible for you to actually receive free coins and Spins through the in-app purchases. Here's how it works. The game consists of four levels in total and each level has only one boss. The bosses are basically exactly the same as they were in the original game.
But, the only difference in this version is that they are equipped with a special ability that you must avoid. The process for you to receive a Spins reward is simple. First, you can get three coins per hit. When the boss hits you, it will automatically steal the coins from you have to avoid it by throwing the coins you have. Keep in mind that you can also get coins through other means, such as being hit by the boss.
The only way to get the Spins reward is to throw the coins at the boss as many times as possible without hitting it. As long as you keep throwing them at the boss, you can eventually earn the free 100 spins coin master game. Now that you know the most basic details of Free 100 spins Coin Master, you have an idea about how the game works. So you shouldn't have any problems playing it. But if you want to know how the game is played, you will have to subscribe to get early access to the game so you can test it yourself.