10 Aug
The iPhone coin game, Viking Coin Master, is a lot of fun. This game offers players a chance to earn Spins without having to get involved in real world competitions. The game is set in a masterminded kingdom known as the Vikings. There are several Viking kings that rule over the land and they need men to keep them fed, clothed and happy. The rule of these rulers can only be enforced by the Viking swords, all of which have been infused with magic and mythical powers.
Those that wish to earn Coins will have to learn how to use their Vikings in order to take out as many other players as possible. Each player will have to make use of a variety of coins in order to attack other players. The first step in earning coins for the iPhone Coin Master is to pay off the castle loan. When the castle loan is paid off, the Vikings will be free to enter any other buildings. Once the buildings are entered, the player will have to kill all the guards that are around the building and then loot the buildings.
Players will also need to pay homage to the Viking King once they are inside the kingdom. After this, the player must then attack all other players. This game is similar to those found in other real-world games, but it offers some unique features that make it unique. These unique features include a virtual Viking King that stands by his warriors and who makes all decisions for him, a magic currency called Eagles, an avatar that allow the player to change into a bird and travel through the different levels of the game, and a type of competition that are based on the same concept as free online games. The real world related aspect of the game is what makes it different from all of the other free online games.
It is a fun game that the entire family can enjoy. There are hundreds of users that are always being added to the game, so it is definitely something you will want to play.