27 May
A terrific mobile strategy game, which can be played by those of all ages, the official Android version of Raid Friends Coin Master is fast becoming one of the most popular games in the Facebook mobile Facebook games category. The concept behind this game is that you are one of the brave and resourceful Heroes who are eager to gather up the loot and power that you can achieve by using your gold and raid your enemies. There are many different types of enemies including those who carry water and lava. This exciting and unique title will provide you with a feeling of stress free action gaming on your Android device. You can play this mobile strategy game on any Android device that is running on Android OS, including smartphones and tablets.
Raid Heroes for iPhone provides you with unlimited access to hundreds of quests and stages. It can be played on any iPhone, so all that is required is that you have an iPhone or iPad and have an internet connection. Once you have downloaded the game, you are able to try it out right away. The main objective of the game is to collect coins and loot, which you can use to acquire the power that you need to become a more powerful Hero. In order to increase your stats, you need to complete many quests, you will need to make use of powerful artifacts to acquire a maximum of 20 coins every time, which is actually not that easy to do.
The goal is to defeat all the monsters and bosses in the quest area in order to advance further in the game. This exciting Android version of Raid Friends Coin Master offers something completely different from all other similar games. This game is currently among the top 10 Facebook apps in terms of downloads and it has been voted the best Facebook game of 2020. If you are someone who enjoys playing various mobile games, you can now download this game for free to the Apple iOS devices. When you do so, you will find that you can enjoy the game and make your Facebook friends enjoy the same.