01 Apr
The latest mobile games release, the Raid Coin Master on Facebook has also received good reviews from users. The site provides a nice and detailed picture of the game. Since the new Facebook mobile games are quite popular, we can presume that the game is going to do well in terms of revenue. Unlike previous games in the series, the new version of the Raid Coin Master has a more interesting story line. The previous versions had terrible stories, although the current games are still quite entertaining.
The story of the game revolves around a village that fights against the evil people that have over populated the land. The heroes of the game act as mediators between the villagers and help them fight against the forces of evil. A nice touch with the story line is that players need to collect coins before fighting a monster. They can choose to fight the monster on their own or they can go in groups, which is good if they want to make coins in a hurry. Like other Coin Master games, there are gold and coins.
In terms of gameplay, the game is not really very different from the other versions of the game. There are twelve heroes in the game that can be chosen for the game. All players will fight against the evil forces, gather gold and then use the gold to unlock other heroes. Unlike the other games in the series, the players can fight and collect gold anytime and anywhere, the only difference is that there is a boss battle that appears at the end of each map. Although this has the same effect like the others, it's not really needed since players have plenty of time to make Coins and level up their heroes in the meantime.