06 Jun
Find Out What It Is!. A few days ago, I received an email from a Twitter user that had sent me a message to a new event that was related to the coin master game. I am a casual player of the mobile game, and the recent news release intrigued me. I was curious as to what the latest event was. Well, I spoke with a Twitter friend, and she gave me a few hints as to what was going on in relation to the raid friends coin master game.
Raid friends is a game where players can save up the tokens that they earned in the game to buy in-game rewards. Players can earn coins by playing this free to play mobile game, which can then be used to get rewards. The most common rewards are free in-game items, but some of them include silver and gold items. Now, with the game's release in August, there will be a new "flavor" of the popular game coming up: the raid friends event. Players can choose to play for one night or for two, or they can just play the entire month of August.
However, there is a catch: a special bonus game will only be available to those who enter the "gold master level". The catch, I am told, is that this "gold master level" is the highest level players can reach at the start of the event. When players hit this level, they can purchase premium gold, which can be used to buy additional gear. The gold master level is achieved when the player purchases seven premium packs of cards at regular prices. The week prior to the start of the event, the game's official Twitter account released a special announcement stating that the "reduction of goods in demand at one of the greatest sellers this year" would occur during this time.
At this point, these special bonuses are only available for a limited time. It was reported that they will be replaced with an all-new event that will begin in September. But with that, the new event is that players can choose between two gifts. One gift can be purchased right away while the other can be purchased after the event has ended. Players have the option of spending a fixed amount of coins to get all the cards they want in the first event, or spending coins on their reward for a limited time.
They can either use the same cards they got in the first event, or buy different cards for a limited time. The new event is not limited to the two types of rewards. They both come in packs. There is also a code card which can be used for one-time cards as well as future event card packs. Since the raid friends event only lasts for two weeks, I hope that the game makes it back to the free cards coin master game as soon as possible.
I guess I am hoping to get a chance to earn another code card to get more free stuff. Perhaps it will be a while before the game comes back, but for now I am happy to know that I can still play my favorite coins master game online. I guess we will see how long the event lasts. I know I will continue to enjoy the free cards because I got a lot of loot through it. The new raid friend's event comes at a great time.
I remember the last time I played the game, it seemed like no-one wanted to play. This new event seems to indicate that the game is going to be a hit. Well, until the next time comes around, I guess I will have to wait to hear more about the latest news on the free cards coin master game. If you don't know, check out my Facebook page to find out what is going on at my page.