18 Oct
Recently, a Facebook hack spun my interest in the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) one of the biggest events in the world of gaming. With my online gaming friends I was drawn to the Penny Arcade Expo because of its association with the Penny Arcade game, as well as the fact that it is held annually at the Chicago Convention Center. A few times I have been surprised to encounter others who play at this event with a different online gaming website they have joined. The appearance of this website on my screen confused me as I didn't realize it belonged to any gaming website, much less the Penny Arcade website. However, when I visited their Facebook page, I discovered my friends and I were all one of many people at the Penny Arcade Expo.
My curiosity drove me to find out more about the Penny Arcade website, and I was glad I did. Not only was I given a wealth of information regarding Penny Arcade games and the Penny Arcade Expo, but also I was given the opportunity to see some of the most popular game development activities and achievements I had not seen before. This helped give me an insight into the life of the Penny Arcade website's creators. In the past, I had thought only of the Penny Arcade website when I heard of the Penny Arcade game. That's because, in my opinion, the only site devoted to the Penny Arcade game was the Penny Arcade website.
What I found out was that the Penny Arcade website had other sites dedicated to the Penny Arcade game. A few times I had mentioned this to other gamers, and they too were interested in seeing these other sites, but were unable to make it to them due to lack of time. Because of this, it appeared to me that the creators of the Penny Arcade website must have made a great deal of time for themselves creating a large amount of game related activities. The author of the Penny Arcade website also had a lot of content related to the game development industry available to him and game developers. I also discovered the website contained two forums for game developers to post about the specific games they are creating.
In my view, this was a good source of information for people that were interested in game development. These websites also gave people access to exclusive access to gaming events throughout the year. This included details on the PAX events held in various cities across the country. I found it interesting to find out that the Penny Arcade website gives gamers a chance to attend this event in real life, rather than just being able to view the information on their website. As you can imagine, the Penny Arcade website also gave game developers a way to communicate with the web developer team.
There were two main contact methods for game developers to communicate with the Penny Arcade website team. First, developers were able to make email contact with the Penny Arcade website team, as well as obtain contact information from them for their website. In my view, this was a big step up from the situation with the original website. The website developer team was quite lenient and communicated well with the website team. Second, the Penny Arcade website allowed people to use their social networking pages as a way to get email contact with the web developer team.
On these social networking pages, individuals could add comments and request updates on the website. This proved to be quite helpful, as it allowed gaming developers to receive feedback from people on the website. The third method used was the Google Docs which allows users to publish or save documents. The main purpose of using this document sharing option was to allow people to make contact with Penny Arcade website developers. When I found out about this, I asked myself what value would it have if you were able to share links to your website with others in order to get feedback? Using the social networking methods for communication with Penny Arcade website owners and game developers, I discovered a lot more useful information than when I was simply reading articles on the Penny Arcade website.
This seems to be a good strategy for game developers to use in order to get feedback from game programmers on the Penny Arcade website.