05 Jul
Android Coin Master is a free spin online game which can be downloaded on your phone. This free game has a special reward for those who download the game to their computer. The developers of the game know that many people play this game and use the PC to download the game. You can also earn the special reward for downloading the app to your computer. You need to sign up and download the app in order to play the game and win free 1000 spins.
One thing you need to remember if you want to win at Viking Coin Master is that you must click on the games icon three times. Do not swipe it or tap it. This will cause the game to fail. When you click the icon, the application starts automatically. The first spin icon is the coin you will be awarded.
The second spin icon is the multiplier and the third spin icon is the jackpot prize. The maximum number of 1000 spins that you can win from one icon is five. The penny game is also available to the players with some variations. If you're a part of the wave leader program, the bonus coins for the wave leader are doubled or tripled in the future. The cap limit is still four coins and if you receive more than that, you will lose the Coins.
There are seven coins that you can win at the start of the game and the more coins you win, the more prizes you get. The bonus can range from ten to fifty coins depending on the amount of coins that you have and the multiplier. The multiples can also vary according to the number of 1000 spins you have made for the day. Some of the other features of the game include the incentive to play all day and many hours for free 1000 spins. You can easily access the extra bonuses and goals through the application that you are downloading.
If you add up all the coins that you can win through the process of reaching the five in one bonuses and by making more 1000 spins, you will be able to double or triple the amounts of Coins that you have. You can earn about $4000 each day without having to pay for anything. In addition to the bonus and reward, there are some benefits to playing free spin at Coin Master. You can avoid spending too much Coins if you decide to download the app to your computer. It will also help you earn a little extra Spins as long as you play the game.