16 Sep
Raid friends is a fun new game of choirmaster. It is a little twist on the standard game that I love to play and also one that you will love to play as well. Here are some tips on how to win this cool game: There are two main differences in the way Raid friends and coinmaster work. The coins are collected through defeating foes. They are not given to you to collect as an added bonus, they are just dropped from the defeated foes when you beat them.
When you beat a foe it will drop a random number of coins according to the type of foe. So, in most cases you get more than one type of coins, depending on which are most basic coin rewards you have obtained. You will have to learn how to choose the right type of rewards, as this can make a big difference in your overall winning chances. This adds up to the time it takes to collect all of the coins. Each coin reward is worth a set amount of time.
However, you can earn a big amount of coins by simply collecting coins you find in the form of enemies you have defeated and then selling them for Spins. Now, one more difference in the way coins are collected is that in the free play mode you are allowed to search for coins, from chests, from enemies, and can only carry them with you when you leave the game. But when you play in a paid mode, there is no limitation on the amount of coins you can collect and you can literally collect unlimited amounts of coins! In the free mode of Raid friends, you have an unlimited amount of time to search for coins. But you do have limitations on the amount of Spins you can take home from game completion and all your Spins can be consumed if you carry more coins with you than what you need. There are several coins available, according to what reward you are getting.
When you collect all the coins in all the rewards you receive, you are allowed to take home a maximum of 200 coins. And if you decide to do it again you can stack up more coins. This makes it a bit different from most other video games that have a loot box system. While the loot box system may not be very good for you, the coin system is great because you can stack up plenty of coins so that you don't have to worry about using up too much Coins to buy more coins! In the loot box system, if you manage to waste all of your Spins on buying more coins, then you have wasted the chance to gain more coins for free. If you also happen to use up all of your coins, then you are left with only few coins to trade in for loot boxes which can take quite a while to gather.
In the Raid friends gold method, you never run out of coins and you can quickly get coins from chests if you play as a strategy based game. So in addition to all the benefits of a loot box system, you get more coins and of course you don't have to take all of your Spins home from game completion. When you play on a strategy based game, you can always look for loot boxes to get coins. However, there are rewards that only give you coins, so these coins can be saved up to buy the rare coins you really want. Raid friends is a really exciting game that is challenging, yet very addictive.
The coin reward system adds a new challenge that you won't find in any other game!