29 Jan
Raid, the online multiplayer card game from Zynga, has added Facebook Coin Master Game to their lineup. When you join the Facebook games Facebook Coin Master Game, you can choose to be the Gold Loot Master or the Silver Loot Master. If you are playing as the Gold Loot Master, your goal is to destroy the other players' virtual houses. It's great to see Facebook adding games to their lineup. The interesting thing is that there aren't many games they have available for Facebook.
However, they did add a Facebook Coin Master Game which looks like a cross between a regular collectible card game and an MMORPG. Basically, it's a free iPhone game that you download onto your phone. The Facebook Coin Master Game allows you to collect virtual coins which you can use to buy power-ups. The power-ups can be used to get better cards that can be played in the game. The game is not only a free iPhone app but is also available on the App Store.
When you download the Facebook coin master game onto your iPhone, you'll be able to join in the fun anytime. There is no set time limit for when you can play. You can go at your own pace or go as fast as you want, whichever works best for you. It's a good idea to invite your friends who have iPhones to play the Facebook Coin Master Game. Most of them won't be expecting to win and will join in to see if they can get enough coins to increase their house's value.
You can give them a clue or two about how to win by answering questions about your player card. Everyone that joins in the Facebook Coin Master Game is matched up with another player. The goal is to kill each other players by giving them a headshot. Most of the time, people will have some strategy in how they play the game. They might not necessarily be on a team but have been selected to do a "Raid" game.
This means that they will go into a group of players who are doing a game. Some Raid friends Coin Master players will be starting at the top of the house and work their way down. The gold Loot Master players will have the whole game, but will be very low on resources. This type of game is usually easier for the other players. Once the other players are done playing, the Gold Loot Master players are awarded and they get a free boost for their coin.
They can then earn more coins through killing and getting better cards for their virtual loot. Since it is a new game, everyone gets the same amount of coins. Of course, this isn't a bad thing because when you have a high coin value, you'll be able to get better cards in the future. Once you have gained enough coins, you can start the Raid Friends Games with one other player. This gives you more chances to get the high value cards that you need to complete your goals.
If you're bored with the games on Facebook, why not try playing the Facebook Coin Master Game? It may not be the most exciting game, but it's a good way to pass the time when you have nothing better to do.