30 Jan
Facebook has introduced iPhone coin wallet and soon you will be able to add your friends' coin master Facebook and add a link to your Facebook account to these friends. This helps you with adding your friends to the Facebook friends of your choosing in order to get all the good coin master for those players that you need for your account, while also being able to track how many coins you are earning and manage your inventory in the Raid Friends Coin Master iPhone App. With the current state of social gaming, it is all about making Coins in the short term rather than making friendships and fostering better ties between players and the games. This is the reason that everyone is looking for an actual social experience but at the same time needs a way to stay in touch with friends and make some fast Spins. The best way to do this is to get yourself a bit of a social networking presence, but this comes with the cost of spending hours creating and designing your profile page, so it would be nice if you could have a way to add friends that have your own accounts for all of your Facebook friends to be able to add their friends.
All of these Raid friends Coin Master Facebook friends will automatically be added to your profile as soon as you create your Facebook account. No worries!