23 Oct
This is a review of the free online Viking game "Coin Master" that I'm playing on my Android. Coin Master is a touch screen game with Viking designs that show up as you create your own world. There are no special abilities that you have to use in this game, all of it comes from just loving what you're doing. The game will start you off with a simple castle in the middle of a forest and you must move everything around the castle. You don't need to worry about unlocking skills because they're not necessary to play the game.
The controls for this game are very simple. All you need to do is tap the screen to move things around, and the same goes for changing them. When you're finished with the first level you unlock, you're on to the next one. The different levels will give you more areas to use and new enemies to defeat. Once you complete all of the game you'll receive a trophy and a slice of cake.
You can also compare the results you get with friends if you play with them. The controls for this game are really simple. In order to move and change, you just need to tap the screen. The game will work well on most mobile devices such as an iPhone or an iPad, though I haven't tried it on an Android phone yet. I really enjoyed the Viking theme of the game and the fact that you can just try it out before buying it on the Play Store.
It's a great way to see if the game is as fun as you thought it would be. I've heard that the free version is very fun, but I'm sure the paid version will be better. If you're looking for a very simple and fast game that is easy to learn and has lots of Viking-themed content, then I recommend Coin Master on Android.