15 Sep
The Rhino Coin Master Facebook games offer an arcade game experience that is fun and engaging. Players can create their own treasure hunt, set their own goals and level up their coin-hunting skills. This Facebook game offers a great gaming experience that is perfect for people of all ages. Unlike the other games in the Rhino Coin Master series, the Treasure Hunt in the coin master Facebook game is more advanced. It is especially designed for players who are at higher levels and is ideal for the older gamers.
When playing the Treasure Hunt, the player must sit out in teams of three to three. The objective of the game is to solve puzzles to find the treasure. The first phase of the Treasure Hunt offers five levels. As the game progresses, there will be new levels added so players can continue their adventure. The Treasure Hunt in the coin master Facebook game challenges players to unlock the fourth to last level.
This provides players with a great challenge as they complete puzzles with different difficulty levels. In the Treasure Hunt, the challenge is to locate and collect all the coins hidden around the map. The players must use the magnet tool to find hidden coins and then use the combination to unlock the chest. The Mystery Treasure Chest can only be opened when the player finds all the coins hidden throughout the game. The player can also earn up to ten gold coins if they find the chest.
The Treasure Hunt in the coin master Facebook game also offers a series of other challenges such as Puzzle Explorer and Coin Test. All these challenges are unique and challenging games, that are perfect for players of all skill levels. A website is also available for the coin master Facebook game, which provides a level ranking system. When the player completes each of the puzzles, they can compare their skill level with the previous level. The website also provides new challenges each day and can be seen by the players who have already completed it.
The challenges provide players with unique puzzles that will keep them hooked for hours. After completing the treasure hunt, players can also get their adventure on record. They can share their experiences through commenting and adding comments on the walls. The Rhino Coin Master Facebook game is a game that is designed for the challenging gamer. The unique features of the game provide players with a great gaming experience that is not found in other Facebook games.