28 Oct
In the latest installment of the Rhino Coin Master Game, "The Coin Master Game: Gift Exchange", an extremely annoying bug has been found that is allowing players to add new account onto the platform. The latest update released, "The Coin Master Game: Gift Exchange" has removed all duplicate accounts from the site and made it impossible for players to gain access to other's account. The problem has been fixed with this release but I'm sure the next update will be unable to correct this issue. This new issue was found with the "Attack Madness" game that allows players to make use of their coins. Players can add up to two additional coin accounts onto the platform which is simply a fake account created to accumulate more coins.
This fake account is simply a lie and makes it possible for players to win 400 spins at coin master game. This is what the bug allows players to do by letting them use up two extra coin accounts and gaining further 400 spins at the game. I have also found another issue where you can buy coins and still earn additional 400 spins, when this occurs you can still purchase additional 400 spins on the platform. This is all fine and good if you're just using the Attack Madness Coins to make it onto the score board but players are unable to actually win the spin. The Rhino Coin Master Game: Gift Exchange has been removed as a part of the latest update released, "The Coin Master Game: Gift Exchange" but I am sure the next bug will be introduced that makes it possible to gain access to your account without being approved.
It would be great if the website was never able to offer multiple accounts and allow users to purchase additional 400 spins but I guess I am getting old seeing these updates.