27 Jan
A huge hit with kids, the Rhino Coin Master is a fun and thrilling arcade game for both iPhone and iPad. It's like playing Space Invaders for coin. This thrilling arcade game is a perfect tool for both kids and parents to get their kids involved in games and help them develop skill in multitasking. The Rhino Coin Master uses the Game Center of iPhone and iPad to provide instant feedbacks from past play-throughs and eliminates guessing. Unlike other similar games, there is no need to learn how to play the game as there are no complicated controls or complicated strategies needed to be successful.
You can even start the game without ever having played the game before, and you'll find that you'll have the ability to play it till you're one hundred percent confident in playing it and winning. For busy schedules and the whole family, it's really great for when you have a second or third child involved. The kids can use their phones to place virtual coins on different spots. A coin is placed randomly on each spot and the kid who lays his/her claim to that spot first wins. For example, if you're the kid who lays her claim to the last square first, you win! Besides being an easy, entertaining and highly interactive arcade game, the game is also a great teaching tool.
No child will believe that coins can be won by laying their coins on the ground. This teaches them a valuable life lesson, no matter what age they are. You never know where you'll see a coin dropped, so it's best to be on your toes and alert. If a child is not happy with their choice, he/she has the option to move their coins, but it's important to note that the spots they have claimed will be used in future to lay the next claim to. As a parent, you may want to monitor the game and not let your child claim too many of the same spot.
The game makes use of the accelerometer in the iPhone or iPad to detect the movement of the player's coins. Therefore, it is important to make sure the app is properly installed and running on the device before any real gameplay begins. In this way, you can be sure that the game is running in its full capacity. It is also possible to create your own Avatar, which will allow you to start the game with a preset name, and keep it thereafter to keep track of all your new friends. With the multiple profiles feature, you can easily keep track of all your friends.
The interface makes use of several features that help the user keep track of the different areas that were visited and also the previous playthroughs of the game. With this feature, it is possible to see which areas the kids liked the most, and which were the least favorite areas. This will help parents keep track of where their kids went and play the game according to their preferences. The app will go through a series of initial launch tests for a few weeks to determine if the functions and features of the game are working well. During the launch period, parents will also have the opportunity to participate in the testing process by sending their feedback on the game to the developers.
This is the only way to get a clear idea of the app and to suggest changes before the full release. The developers have several features planned for the future, including being able to invite other users to join the multiplayer battles in the game. They're hoping to have it available at a later date. With every successful launch, they will continue to enhance the game, add new rooms, and make improvements to the game itself. The developers also want to add more features, such as being able to add and manage rooms, add friends, get ratings, add coins, earn coins, choose to play a room or just let the system do it.
and even use an iPad, so that the children can feel like they're in the game! Kids love to play games that involve logic and strategy and that's exactly what the developers have done with the Rhino Coin Master arcade game. It is fun and it will keep kids busy for hours! and give them a new skill and learn life lessons through playing a fun game!