17 Jan
The Fox Coin Master Facebook Friends Server has been hacked and the owner of this website is trying to scam everyone in the world out of their Coins by calling it a "Virtual Game". The game is designed to be a game where you build your own Custom Town that you can dominate and bring wealth to your friend. This game is not a "Voted" game, there are many votes for your site, but these votes are fake and are not real. There are only two Friends you will find that are on the site, they have been Members of the site since they were a small child and now are grown adults. The largest members of the site are the employees of The Fox Town and The Fox coin master Facebook Group.
These people are helping the new comers of the game to get their set up done so they can come back to the game and find others that may be able to help them with their game. The game is a real one and the Fox Troop will not be easy to defeat in this game. The Fox Troop has now implemented a new Software Program that will allow anyone that buys the software to have access to everyone's Custom towns on the server. These people will have access to help with building towns, upgrading, and repairing the military systems. The owners of the website have also made available tutorials and walkthroughs that will guide the user through all of the game play.
The owners of the website, whom are known as the Fox Troop, will not charge anyone in Coins to play in the game as a matter of fact they will offer Coins off of their website membership packages. The official website address for the Fox Troop is: https://www.facebook.com/FoxTown